We're just two women, behaving badly around the world.

Elizabeth and Marley have been drinking, traveling, and writing together since 2010, when they met in Dublin, Ireland. As the old story goes...

It all began in the year 2010, when a young journalist named Marley moved across the pond to Dublin, Ireland. Marley threw down her bags and set off to do what any good American would do in a new and vibrant land: Find alcohol. It was in a little pub called “Beggar’s Bush” where she met Liz, a fellow American also in search of a good beer.  The two bought their very first Guinness pints together, and the rest was history.

After taking the Guinness factory tour a combined twelve times, learning to chug a Smithwick’s in 20 seconds flat, and miraculously surviving several drinking contests at the Old Jameson Distillery, the two women returned to the States - happy to be home, but never losing their thirst for the drink.

After college, both ladies moved out West with Marley doing Teach for America in the deserts of Arizona and Liz educating youngsters about nutrition as part of AmeriCorps in San Francisco. Recently, both have moved east again, with Marley being a part of the K Street scene in DC, and Liz canuck-ing up North in Montreal.

Through this blog, we invite you to come along while we discover new cities, new craft beers, and new ways to stuff our faces with carbs. So grab your cameras and your koozies, and join us as we travel land and sea in pursuit of the perfect buzz!

Join us for a drink, won't you?

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